Eyewear Styling Services

Eyewear is unlike any other accessory.

You can hide your hands in gloves, and your feet in shoes, but you can not hide your face! It's a portal to your personality. As important as the make up you apply, how you arrange your hair and the clothes you wear; your eyewear tells a story about you. We like to say "presentation is communication"! It conveys what you're about the moment you step into a room.

We help you:

1. Discover your face shape

2. Learn which frame shapes compliment you best

3. Explore frame colors and materials

We help busy professionals who don't have time to get to an optical shop. We help entrepreneurs who are constantly on the go and need to outsource their eyewear shopping.  We help entertainers who need a steady stream of fresh looks because their appearance is their livelihood. If any of these describes you, or even is you just need a second opinion, we'd be happy to help you see clearly and look amazing! 

Virtual Eyewear Styling : Meet one-on-one with our Eyewear Stylist online. Discover new possibilities you may have not considered before. Tap here to learn more about Virtual Eyewear Styling Services.

In-Person Eyewear Styling : Meet your Eyewear Stylist in-person. Have a curated selection brought to you. Tap here to lear more about In-Person Eyewear Styling Services.

To book group styling sessions, please contact us at eyewearstyling@kindredbydesign.com