In-Person Styling Service FAQs

How do I book an in-person eyewear styling session?

To book a styling session, simply click here.  

How does a eyewear styling work?

We travel the world to find exclusive frames made by hand. Your eyewear stylist will help you discover unique pieces and show you how each frame affects your features, coloration, and style. 

What does the styling fee include?

The styling fee includes a private eyewear experience. Based on your responses to the Style Profile Questionnaire (which is sent to you after booking a service), a selection of frames is curated for you. The stylist will bring this selection to you. Your stylist will explain how each frame affects your features, coloration, and style. You'll be able to try on all frames and select the ones you love.

How do I get my prescription lenses put in the frame?

We offer Concierge Service whereby we arrange to have lenses with your prescription created and fitted to your frame. We also offer lens treatments based on your needs and desires.