Lens Materials

Plastic lenses (CR-39) :

Our single vision lenses are CR-39, a light-weight plastic. It's less heavy than traditional glass lenses, shatter resistant, and offers excellent optical quality.

These lenses are recommended for clients with low prescriptions (-2 to +2). The higher the prescription the thicker the lens, which affects your frame choice. For higher prescriptions we recommend polycarbonate or high index lenses. 

Plastic lenses are not suitable for rimless or semi-rimless frames.

Polycarbonate lenses :

Our polycarbonate lenses are thinner and lighter than plastic lenses. They are more impact and shatter resistant which makes them a great choice for children and adults with active lifestyles.

Polycarbonate lenses are recommended for prescriptions between -4 to +4. Their lightweight, durability, and thinness make them a good choice for almost every frame type. They are especially well suited for rimless, and semi-rimless frames.

Polycarbonate lenses block %100 UV rays. If you lead an active lifestyle or need lenses that stand up to day-to-day wear, polycarbonate lenses are a great choice.

High-Index lenses : 

High index lenses are our thinnest and lightest lenses. Made of a durable yet lightweight high index plastic, these lenses replace thick "coke bottle" lenses with a thin, discreet, and easy-to-wear lens that provides superior clarity.

High index lenses are mostly scratch resistant (not scratch proof!) and block 100% of UV rays.  Due to their thinness, they can fit in almost any frame you choose. So, no longer does your strong prescription have to limit your eyeglass frame choice. They are especially suited for semi-rimless and drill mounted frames as they are less prone to chipping or cracking than regular plastic.

High Index lenses are recommended for patients with a prescription greater than -4 to +4. It is highly recommended to add Anti-Reflective coating to these lenses.

All our lenses come standard with premium AR. This means you get the best in anti-glare, scratch resistance, dust-dirt resistance, easy and long lasting cleanbility, and UV protection.