Prescription Types

Single Vision:

Single vision lenses correct one field of vision. If you're near-sighted (myopic), they help you see objects that are far away, like road signs. If you're far-sighted (presbyopic), they help you see objets that are nearby, like restaurant menus.

Lined Bifocal:

Bifocals contain two focal points. The top portion of the lens is for distance vision. A small portion in the lower part of the lens contains the power required to correct your near vision. These two fields of vision are separated by a visible line. 


Multi-focal lenses give a seamless progression for distance, intermediate, and near vision correction. Multifocal lenses combine three focal points into one seamless lens with no visible line.


Lenses that do not offer vision correction. These lenses can be combined with lens treatments such as blue light filters, anti-glare coating, and tinted lenses for style.

Note: All our prescription lenses come standard with premium Anti-Reflective coating. This means you get the best in anti-glare, scratch resistance, dust-dirt resistance, easy and long lasting cleanbility, and UV protection.