Virtual Styling FAQs

How do I book a virtual styling session?

To book a virtual styling session, simply click here.  

What is eyewear styling?

You care about putting your best face forward. We're here to help you make that happen. We travel the world to find unique eyeglasses, sunglasses and accessories. Your Eyewear Stylist will help you discover unique pieces that elevate your frame game. Your Stylist will explain how each frame affects your features, coloration, and style.

What should I expect from a virtual eyewear styling session?

Once a session has been scheduled and your Style Profile Questionnaire has been completed and received by us, a Stylist will curate a selection of frames for you.  At the time of the session, you will review the selection together. Your Stylist will help you choose up to eight frames. Those frames will be sent to you to try on at home for a duration of up to five calendar days. Once you’ve received your frames, we’ll schedule a follow up session with you to review fit, shape, and color. At the end of the five calendar days, you will return the frames to us.

I have some questions. Can I speak to an Eyewear Stylist prior to booking a styling session?

Yes. We offer complimentary styling consultations where we explain the process and answer any questions you may have. You can book your consultation here.

Is there a cost for the styling consultation?

No. There is no cost for a styling consultation.

How long is an eyewear styling session?

An eyewear styling session usually runs about one hour.

I’m running late for my styling session. What should I do?

Contact us via email and let us know. After a 15 minute grace period, your session will have to be rescheduled.

How much does a styling session cost?

The fee for a virtual eyewear styling session is 100USD, an in-person session is 200USD.

How do I select the frames I want to try on?

You will make your selection, together with your Stylist, at the time of your styling session.

What is the duration of the home try on period?

The Home Try On period is five calendar days.

How do I return the frames?

  1. Wrap the frames in the protective packaging they came in, 
  2. Place the wrapped frames in the original box
  3. Affix the pre-paid label to the top of the box so that it covers the original shipping label.
  4. Drop it off at the Post Office, or post box, and you're all done!
Please take the necessary precautions to properly wrap frames to avoid damage in transit.

    Is there a charge to try on frames?

    No. There is no charge to try on frames at home as part of a virtual styling service, there is however, a Home Try On Deposit.

    Why is there a home try on deposit?

    The Home Try On Deposit covers part of the value of the frames should loss, damage, or destruction happen to the frames sent to you.

    What is the cost of the home try on deposit?

    The Home Try On deposit is a percentage of the value of the frames sent to you. 

    Is the home try on deposit refundable?

    Once we receive and inspect your returned frames, we will return your Home Try On deposit to you in the same manner as we received it. Alternatively, your Home Try On deposit can be used towards the purchase of your new pairs of glasses.

    What happens if I don’t return the frames?

    If the frames and the cases they’re shipped in are not returned to us within the allotted time, you will forfeit the Home Try-On deposit.

    What if I don’t return the frames in the allotted time?

    Cases returned past the five calendar day Home Try-on period will forfeit the Home Try-On deposit.

    Will I be charged for shipping?

    The client is responsible for shipping costs in both directions. We are not responsible for related customs and duties charges for international clients.

    Can you put my prescription in the lenses?

    We offer Concierge Service whereby we have customized lenses created, fitted, and mounted to your frame. We also offer lens treatments based on your needs and desires.